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TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio), devised by ETSI to combine Cellular Mobile Telephony, Data and Digital Mobile Radio together on one open cellular platform.

Transportation, Utilities, Military and Security, Emergency Services and Public Sector Organizations seriously rely on TETRA, since this is the only digital standard that can provide them with the benefits of true multi sourcing of the ETSI standard combined with a technology capable to meet their most exact needs.

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DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a Digital Radio standard for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) and the standard was released by ETSI in 2005. DMR is specifically targeted at Systems where Analog PMR is currently applied and designed to deliver digital voice, data and other supplementary service in simple low cost manner, and to meet further regulatory requirement for 6.25KHz channel equivalence.

Where would the world be today without modern communications?


Communication that Simoco has played a key role in developing - and provided to customers in every walk of life. Communication that people take for granted - in ‘life and death’ situations as well as in everyday circumstances. As the pace of life quickens, so our need to stay in touch with others has become ever more vital. As society becomes more complex and sophisticated - methods of communication have to meet increasingly challenging demands. Renowned for reliability, quality  and innovation, Simoco is a major force in the world of communication. It not only designs, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of communication equipment, but also commissions and maintains communication facilities around the world. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you need some link with others.





About Us


Simoco Telecommunications (South Asia) , is a dynamic force in radio communications, providing a complete range of high-performance products and added value services. Simoco has a successful track record of innovation and quality stretching back to more than 30 year , in radio communication planning for local authorities, police, military, fire and ambulance, utility companies, public and private transport, business user and security services. The company is poised to develop its reputation as a leading authority in providing complete communication solutions.

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